Eurosia terracotta tiles (2)

In the previous instructions I explained how to create a treated shiny terracotta floor.  If you would like to achieve a rough antique effect then proceed as follows:

  1. As for the previous instructions, spend time trying out the arrangement of the tiles without glue, cutting the tiles and taking exact measurements.  To cut the tiles, make an incision with a tile cutter and snap the tile in two by pushing the edges of the tiles downwards, keeping your fingers near the incision.  In order to lay the floor precisely Eurosia’s templates (available from the web site or by post) can help.

  2. Before glueing, identify the back and the front of the tiles: the front is smoother and prettier, the back is porous and rough.  It is important to do this as the tile will get stained with cement if it is glued on back to front.

  3. Glue the template using a thin layer of PVC glue and then glue the tiles in the appropriate places (squares, hexagons etc), gaps will be automatically created which can be filled with powder cement once the PVC glue has dried.

  4. Dilute the cement with water according to the manufacturers instructions, add a little more water at a time if it is too stiff, it should be the consistency of yoghurt.  If necessary the cement can be coloured with acrylic colours.

  5. Using your fingers (wear rubber gloves) apply the cement quickly and wipe off the excess with previously prepared damp sponges (or cotton cloths).

  6. Wipe the floor with the damp cloths until completely clean.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact me.